Terms & Conditions


These Terms & Conditions shall apply to the hostel agreements between the Guest and the Hostel, as well as to all the services and the use of facilities provided by The Hostel Mirissa to the Guest.

The Guest refers to a person or an agent that has a Reservation or a Booking accepted by the Hostel. By making a Booking, the Guest agrees to comply with these Terms & Conditions. Furthermore, any individuals who stay in The Hostel Mirissa under the Booking in the name of the Guest will be enforced for complying the same Terms & Conditions as the Guest.

The Hostel refers to “The Hostel Mirissa”.

A Booking or a Reservation refers to the reserving of accommodation with the details by the Guest that is accepted by the Hostel.

OTAs refers to online tour agencies including online booking websites, but not including the Hostel’s own website.

The Guest’s own terms and conditions may apply only if they have been previously acknowledged and agreed upon by the Hostel.

The check in time is 1.00 PM and onward in the same day. The check out time is before 11.00 AM. The guest must inform the hostel before in case of any exceptional situation.



Bookings & Reservations

The Guest can make bookings via The Hostel Mirissa website, in person at the Hostel’s front desk, and the OTAs or their affiliates that have contractual relationship with the Hostel.

The Guest shall provide identification information including the full name and nationality that matches the information on the Guest’s identification card in case of Thai nationality or passport in case of foreign nationality in order to check in, but it shall be not limited to the address, contact telephone number and email address.

Bookings will be subject to the Guest:

Online bookings with full payment for the whole stay in advance before arrival.

Credit card guaranteed bookings by valid credit card details. The Guest will be asked to complete the payment upon the check in.
Deposit bookings. The Guest pay the deposit in cash or credit card at the Hostel’s front desk, or transfer the money by banks.

To make a valid Booking, payment details are required. It shall be either valid credit card information for a credit card guaranteed Booking or deposit of specified payment amount for a pre-paid Booking. Submitting invalid credit card information or delaying deposit payment may result the Hostel declines the request for a Booking.

A Booking is only accepted from an adult (18 years old or over) by. Any fraud Booking made by a person under the age of 18 will be declined immediately by the The Hostel Mirissa once it is found out.



Age Restriction & Room Allocation

Any person under the age of 18 is not allowed to stay in any dormitory room. The Guest under 18 years old who wishes to stay in The Hostel Mirissa must be accompanied by an adult (at least 18 years old or older), and can only stay in a private room. There is no upper age limit in The Hostel Mirissa.

If the Guest makes a Booking online for multiple beds or rooms, it does not guarantee that the beds or rooms would be booked together unless the Hostel confirms it in writing. The Hostel will try the best to book your beds in the same room or book your rooms next to each other, but it certainly depends on the room availability upon your arrival day. If the Guest strongly wishes to stay together, the

Hostel suggests to take over a whole dorm.

In any Booking, the Guest is not entitled to any specified room number or bed number, unless the Hostel acknowledges and confirms it in writing.

Only females can stay in our female dorms. Males and trans-genders are allowed to stay in our mixed dorms only.

Group Bookings.

The The Hostel Mirissa does not take any Group Booking for 9 or more persons through OTAs or any agent. The Guest must contact the Hostel directly for detailed information if the Guest wishes to make any Group Booking. Different Terms & Conditions will be applied to Group Bookings. If the Guest insists to make Group Bookings online, it may be subsequently cancelled by the Hostel.

Fees and Payments

The Booking Fees including the Room Rates are quoted by The Hostel Mirissa to the Guest upon the Guest’s request for a Booking. The Guest is obligated to make the payment according to the Booking Fees quoted on the Booking. In the event that the Guest made a credit card guaranteed reservation or has paid a deposit, the Guest shall complete the full payment when check in.

The Hostel Mirissa accepts the payment in cash, or via Mastercard, Visa, and UnionPay cards, and bank transfers.

For the debit card users, please note your debit card can be used for the payment when check in at the Hostel’s front desk, but it cannot be used for making a card guaranteed reservation. It is considered as an invalid card for the card verification process.

If the Guest uses a credit card from other people to make a Booking or make a payment when check in, the Guest must provide a copy of the card, a photocopy of the card holder’s ID card/passport, and a permission letter including the details of your ID card/passport number and the signature from the card holder.

If the Guest is unable to provide these documents, the Guest would be asked to pay in cash or use the Guest’s own card. A failure of all the payment methods above will result the decline of checking in by the Hostel. Any fraud payment from the Guest will result the decline of checking in by the Hostel as well.

Additional Charges (ie. Breakfast, tours, taxi service, late checking out, damaged items, etc) may be incurred during the stay of the Guest. The Guest will be informed of the amount of the Additional Charges by the Hostel front desk. Unless otherwise agreed by Jam Hostel, the Room Rates will only cover the use of the accommodation in the Hostel, and the Guest will be asked to pay separately for the

Additional Charges upon the request.

In the cases of refund, the Guest will receive the refund in the way it was charged. The amount will be varied subject to the situation.

If the Guest asks to change the payment method from one to another, the Guest shall inquire at the front desk in the same day after the previous payment has been made. This inquiry from the Guest shall be not later than 11 PM.



Cancellation & Amendment

The Hostel Mirissa applies a 3-days cancellation policy to the Bookings. The Guest is obliged to pay the following penalty charges:

Cancellation more than 72 hours prior to the arrival date: free of charge.
Amendment more than 72 hours prior to the arrival date: free of charge.
Amendment to change the guest’s information such as name, nationality, etc.: free of charge.
Cancellation less than 72 hours prior to arrival date and no-shows: one night room fee regarding the Room Rate on the Booking will be charged.

Amendment to postpone the arrival date less than 72 hours prior to the original arrival date: one night room fee regarding the Room Rate on the Booking will be charged over the entire Booking Fee.

No-show: one night room fee regarding the Room Rate on the Booking will be charged. The Booking will be cancelled without noticing.
This cancellation policy does not apply to Group Bookings and Non-refundable Bookings.

For Non-refundable Bookings, if the Guest cancels the Booking or in case of a No-Show, the full amount of the booking fee will be charged. The Check-in and Check-out dates cannot be modified. The Guest information such as the name, phone number, and etc can be modified without any charge if the Hostel agrees.

If the Guest made the Booking through OTAs, the Guest should cancel or amend the Booking with OTAs. The Hostel will not accept any cancellation or amendment request unless there is a cancellation or amendment document from the behalf of the OTAs.

If the Guest made the Booking through the Hostel’s website or directly in person, the Guest can send a cancellation or amendment request via email or contact the Hostel directly to inquire for a cancellation or amendment.

The Hostel has the right to cancel the Booking or terminate the stay of the Guest regarding the exceptional reasons such as below:

The Guest acts maliciously or intentionally to cause harm to the Hostel’s staff or other guests, or cause damages to the Hostel’s properties.
Extreme weather conditions or political situations in Bangkok.

The Guest must notify the Hostel in case of any claims. Any delayed claims may result in the forfeit of the right to cancellation and penalty charge.



Check in & Check out

Check-in time is from 01.00 pm onwards. Check-out time is until 11.00 am.

For any early check-in requests, it cannot be confirmed because it is subject to the room availability in the Hostel when the Guest arrives.

For late check-in cases, the Guest shall inform the Hostel prior to confirm your arrival. Failure to acknowledge your late check-in may result in being treated as a No-show and the cancellation of the Booking.

In order to check in, the Guest will be required as following:

Present valid identification document such as ID card or passport. The name on the document must match the Guest’s name on the Booking.

A Late Check-out is only possible by prior arrangement with an additional charge and subject to the room availability. Failure to check out before 11.00 am may result in the Guest being charged for an additional half to full amount of the night based on the current room rate.



Hostel Rules

Only the Hostel’s Guests are allowed to enter the rooms and use the facilities. Visitors are not allowed to stay with any Guest in any room.

The quiet hours at the Hostel are 11.00 pm onwards.

Smoking is not allowed inside the building. It is only allowed in the designed smoking areas.

Pets are not allowed in the Hostel.

Children under the age of 18 are only allowed to stay in private rooms and cannot share dormitory rooms with others. Failure to respect this rule will be asked to leave the property immediately and cancellation for the entire stay without refund.

The Guest will be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the Guest or the partners of the Guest at the Hostel. The Guest may be charged regarding the Hostel’s reasonable cost for repairing, cleaning or replacing any lost or damaged inventory or facility.

The Guests are required to conduct yourselves in a reasonable and responsible manner at the Hostel. The Guest will be asked to leave the property immediately without any refund issued, if the Guest is:

being rude and noise that badly disturbs other people

being drunk and violent

being disrespectful for others’ culture or religion

stealing valuables from others

using other’s identity or invalid identification document such as fake ID card, foreign passport with an expired Sri Lankan visa
playing dangerous substances or risking lives of your own and other’s

using drugs and involving prostitution

being ignorant with the policy and regulations at the Hostel

The Hostel is not responsible for injuries or accidents caused by the Guest yourself. The Guest shall confirm having insurance that protects against possible accidents during your stay in the Hostel.

Safekeeping of the goods

You may store your luggage near the reception. Despite the video surveillance the hostel does not assume any responsibility for the stored luggage.

The hostel is not responsible for luggage and valuables. Please make sure the door is closed when leaving your room. Only the booked beds should be used in dormitories as it may cause extra costs if remaining beds are used. Lockers in rooms are free of charge.
Padlocks are available at the reception with a refundable deposit.



The Hostel Mirissa Liability to the Guest

The Hostel will ensure to provide the accommodation or other service booked by the Guest according to these terms and conditions in a reasonable and skilful manner.

If the accommodation or service the Guest booked cannot be provided any more due to certain events that are not caused by the Guest, the Hostel will investigate the matter and where necessarily agree an appropriate level of compensation. Compensation may take the form of partial or full refund, or complementary service or other agreed benefit, depending on the level and severity of the situation.

In case of a refund, the Hostel will give the refund in the way when it has been charged.

The Hostel’s liability for any loss or damage suffered by the Guest shall be limited to that arises out of the negligence of the of the Hostel’s employees.

The Hostel shall not be liable for any indirect loss or damage which may be suffered by the Guest.



The Guest’s Privacy

The personal data such as name, surname, passport number, credit card information, phone number, and email address provided by the Guest to the Hostel during the Booking process will be used only to make and manage your reservation. It will not be shared with any third party by the Hostel.

At the check-in, the Guest will be asked to present your identification document to ensure for the security and safeguarding obligations.

Copies of your identification document will not be shared with any third party for any reasons and will be retained only for fulfilling the service the Guest requests.

The CCTV camera and surveillance system is placed in the common areas and corridors for the security purpose at The Hostel Mirissa. The recorded footage of the Guest will not be exposed to any third party by the Hostel.

Personal information is disclosed to Sri Lankan authorities only if it is required by the law or official order.

Nothing in these conditions purports to limit or exclude The Long Hostal’s liability for:

Death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the Hostel’s employees, subcontractors or agents;
Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
Any other matter for which it would be illegal for the Hostel to limit or exclude its liability.



The Hostel Mirissa reserves the right to remove or amend the content in the Terms and Conditions for improving the product and service at any time without prior notice.

The Guest’s rights as a consumer is always under consumer protection legislation and shall not be affected by these Conditions.